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At 7OH2 Hospitality, our top priority is putting people first.

Not only our guests, but our team, too. From celebratory brunches to memorable dinners to relaxed cocktails, to one of our curated private parties, none of it would be possible without our dedicated and valued crew. Throughout our growth, we’ve fostered a community of positivity, passion and service–and, as we continue to expand, we’re looking for those who share this mindset.


Led by hospitality visionary Josh Lang, 7OH2 is a collaboration of national industry leaders in food, beverage, dining, and nightlife. 7OH2 Hospitality is set to launch its debut projects in Detroit, MI, but will soon be expanding across the Midwest. In this evolution, we envision a new frontier for hospitality–one that fuses the unforgettable and the experiential with top-tier entertainment, unrivaled food and beverage, and extraordinary atmospheres. Join us as we chart this course. Explore job opportunities below.

Our Values

At 7OH2 HOSPITALITY, We value the people that consistently place passion and purpose inside and outside of our organization. Through this collective ethos, we expect the highest levels of integrity, responsibility and teamwork
from our employees.

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